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Is The Bible in Conflict with Science?

The Bible is not in conflict with true science. The Bible is in conflict with a theory of evolution and any other theory of origins that tries to explain creation as a product of godless, random processes. This Chapter, “No Scientific Validity?” evaluates the Bible vs. science. Admittedly, the theory of evolution is touted by most modern-day scientists and school teachers as if it were a proven fact. However, there are literally thousands of scientists with advanced degrees in various fields of study who believe that the universe and all of creation can only be explained as a product of intelligent design or “creation.” The validity of creation science is becoming more apparent each year because deeper new discoveries of the interrelated complexities of the universe and of life itself are making creation by chaos a mathematical and structural impossibility. However, these scientific impossibilities and improbabilities are seldom taught in our educational systems as such when they appear to undermine the theory of evolution. 

Unfortunately, modern science has become the “sacred cow” of our civilization and most people blindly rely upon science alone as their “god” to explain creation and to solve the problems of humanity. Granted, many wonderful things have been accomplished through science but what most people fail to remember is that the entire scientific approach is an ongoing process of trial and error and that science is extremely fallible and sometimes creates more problems than it solves. There are literally thousands of science books that were once considered by many to be factual - but are now proven to be obsolete and erroneous. History is filled with examples of scientific theories that were once endorsed and taught by a majority of adherents who ardently opposed any ideas that might contradict the status quot of scientific thought. In some cases, scientific break-through was only discovered by “outsiders” of particular disciplines who weren’t so deeply engrained in erroneous mind-sets. In this present day there are literally thousands of scholars with advanced degrees who have been beating on the closed doors of evolution science with factual data and alternative theories in life sciences, earth sciences, physical and astronomical sciences. However, the “powers that be” refuse to open those doors and allow students to hear the facts and then make up their own minds. To do so might result in the utter humiliation of professors and scientists who have staked their entire lives, egos and careers on what is proving to be a ridiculous theory in its classical forms. 

The Bible was never intended to serve as a science book but that does not mean that the Bible is scientifically inaccurate. In fact, many major discoveries through history could have been realized much sooner if people had paid more attention to what the Bible has to say about creation, nature, agriculture, weather, personal hygiene, etc... This chapter, “No Scientific Validity?,” delves into several of those truths that were stated clearly in the scriptures long before they were ever officially “discovered.” People also need to realize that many of the founding fathers of modern science were convinced that all of creation was the product of special creative design. People like: Lord Kelvin, Michael Faraday, Louis Pasteur, Herschel, Lister, Kepler, Maxwell, Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton all believed in the God of the Bible as the Creator of the universe. Men like these opened the doors of modern science and now modern science has closed the doors to anyone who dares to explain creation as the product of intelligent design – regardless of the facts and credentials they bring to the door. 

The theory of evolution is continuously “evolving” to account for the contradictory facts that are ever emerging as stumbling blocks to a godless explanation of life and creation. The sudden burst of life in the fossil record and the unexpected major gaps in species development evidenced throughout the fossil record represent just one of the many major obstacles that required an “evolution” in the theory of evolution. The violation of basic scientific laws such as the first law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy and matter) and the second law of thermodynamics (law of increasing entropy) requires unreasonable mental contortions to explain how the theory of evolution could possibly defy such basic laws of science. 

Creation scientists, or “Creationists” as they are sometimes referred to, are not all in agreement as to the age of the earth or the age of the universe; not all are in agreement with how man arrived on the scene in creation or which cataclysmic mechanisms best explain mass annihilation of life forms in history. However, there are a growing number of diverse scientists who have reached the common conclusion that the formation of the universe and origin of life are products of intelligent design because the emerging facts point to no other possible explanation. 

What most people don’t realize is that the thousands of creation scientists in the greater intelligent design group who are often mocked and ridiculed because they actually believe in a young earth and Noah’s Flood, are supported with far more scientific data to support their young earth creation model than the classic evolutionist has to support the theory of evolution. There are far more natural observable processes that indicate a younger age for the earth than there are those which indicate the contrary. The formation of the fossil record and the many geologic anomalies are better explained by the mechanisms of a universal flood than any other of the hundreds of conflicting explanations that have been taught in classrooms. (Refer to this chapter, “No Scientific Validity” for a greater understanding of Noah’s Flood and the feasibility of a Noah’s ark. Common objections to the feasibility of Noah’s ark and the possibility of a worldwide flood are addressed in this chapter.) 
The similarities among species, which the evolutionist points to as “evidence,” suggests a common designer, not a common ancestry. The evolutionist is like a man who spends the day walking through used car lots and then theorizes that the Cadillac must have evolved from the Volkswagen because they each have tires, doors and headlights! (Refer to this Chapter, “No Scientific Validity?” in the “Best Free Book about God” for a better understanding of the Bible vs. science and why the Bible is not in conflict with true science) (By Robert Linkey)

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