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Best Free Book About God "Hard to Believe?" Synopsis (Pt1 Ch6)

Why Does Christianity seem so Hypocritical, Powerless and Irrelevant?

The true Gospel of Jesus Christ offers an abundant joyful life. This chapter, “Hard to Believe?” reveals the relevancy, efficacy and simplicity of the real Gospel of Jesus. The word “Gospel” means “Good News” and the power of the Gospel has radically transformed the lives of countless individuals and it has even changed entire societies. Why then have so many in our modern world concluded that Christianity is powerless and irrelevant? Unfortunately, this conclusion about the Christian Gospel exists because most of the world has never been exposed to the real Gospel and most people have never been exposed to true Christianity. Many people believe that we are now living in a “post-Christian era” because there is a whole generation who has no interest in Christianity whatsoever because their exposure to Christianity has been either very limited and / or very negative. They often see rampant hypocrisy demonstrated by people who call themselves “Christian.” They go to movies in which Christians are usually portrayed in a negative and often ridiculous light and our educational systems teach about the dark eras of “Christianity” and never speak of the true Christianity that has brought more love and compassion to the world than any other force in history!

Christian evangelism and Christian discipleship are totally ineffectual if the true Gospel is not presented with simplicity, love and the power to change lives. Unfortunately, the very phrase, “Christian evangelism” has been stigmatized because of “Christian” charlatans who seek financial gain through the Gospel and because of many misguided and overbearing “evangelists” who preach a manipulative and condemning Gospel in order to obtain another “notch” on their evangelistic “belts.” Christian zeal is important but it must be under girded with Christian love and then Christian love will seek to make Christian disciples of Jesus - not just Christian converts. A disciple of Jesus is one who wants to be just like Jesus in every way possible. Christian discipleship involves total reliance upon The Holy Spirit to be transformed into the “image of Christ” and it involves spending time with Jesus through prayer and the study of God’s word. It also involves spending time with fellow Christians who have the desire to spread the Gospel and to alleviate human pain and suffering in whatever ways are possible throughout the world. Any picture or experience with Christianity that does not reflect the life and character of Jesus Himself is not a real picture of true Christianity. (Christians can sin and make mistakes but a Christian disciple will never want to remain in that state because it reflects poorly upon the Master.)

If there really is a spiritual battle taking place between good and evil in our world (and there is) it would seem logical that the forces of evil would strive to keep people away from “the good news” through any means possible. (Refer to the Introduction on the Home Page in this Best Free Book about God.” For more insight into how and why this is done.) If Jesus really is the answer to overcoming evil (as He claimed to be) then what better way to keep people from discovering the “Good News” than to create “decoy” forms of Christianity that are complicated, weak, unloving and powerless? Guilt by association has always been an effective strategy to create false perceptions of Christianity. Jesus Himself warned that many false prophets, teachers and followers of Him would rise to deceive many. He said that some would come dressed in “sheep’s clothing” but that inwardly they would be “ravenous wolves.” (Chapter 7, “Goodness Attains Heaven?” and chapter 8, “More than One Way?” provide thoughtful considerations of how the pure Gospel gets twisted and distorted to deceive many.) However, amid this vast sea of false perceptions about Jesus and Christianity, there is truly a treasure trove that contains precious gems of the Truth that overcomes evil and sets people free. This truth is simple and it is not reliant upon our own works or human efforts. It is attained through the transforming power of faith in God and His Word alone.

Jesus came to this earth to defeat the forces of darkness and to bring life and healing to a sick and dying world. Everywhere Jesus went He alleviated human suffering and He demonstrated what the Kingdom of God was like. (He expects and equips His true followers to do the same.) Jesus willingly took upon Himself the pain and punishment for every evil ailment in the world and He ultimately conquered death itself.  Through His death and resurrection, Jesus provided a final cure for the terminal infection of sin and this cure is offered free of charge to all. (Refer to chapter 5, “God is Cruel?” to gain a greater understanding into what sin is and why the world is in such a tragic state). “Symptoms” of evil such as war, hunger, pain, sorrow and death indicate that the world is desperately sick and in need of a cure. Symptoms of murder, lying, greed and selfishness are further indications that humanity is sick and in need of a cure. When people experience symptoms of sickness in their physical bodies, the symptoms serve as warning signs and if they are serious enough, most people will see a physician to realize a cure. Jesus is known as “The Great Physician,” yet many refuse to come to Him for healing. (The reasons why so many people refuse to receive the free gift of salvation through Jesus are examined in this chapter, “Hard to Believe?” in “The Best Free Book about God”)) Those who are in denial concerning their desperate need for “The Great Physician” will not escape the inevitable destruction of sin no matter how much they try to ignore it. That is why it is important for followers of Jesus to reflect the life of Jesus and the beauty of the Gospel because the true Gospel of Jesus offers an abundant joyful life that will attract multitudes (especially sinners) and help put an end to a post-Christian era. (By Robert Linkey)

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