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Do Fossils Prove Evolution?

The Fossil gaps in the geologic column disprove the theory of evolution. This chapter, “Fossils Prove Evolution?” exposes the many problems that the theory of evolution encounters with the evidence contained in the fossil record. When Charles Darwin and the early proponents of the theory of evolution began examining the fossil record in the geologic column, they assumed that the gaps and missing transitional forms between species would eventually be found. However, such is not the case and the fossil record actually argues against evolution! Most people believe that fossils prove evolution because they have never been told the whole truth about the fossil record. This fossil gap problem appears at the very earliest “stages” of evolution where the record of development jumps from the alleged single cell micro- organisms to a burst of complex multi-cellular organisms such as trilobites, brachiopods, snails, jelly fish and sponges. There is no evidence of any transitional forms between the single cell micro-organisms and the plethora of complex multi-cellular organisms. This fossil gap problem continues throughout the entire fossil record. For example: If invertebrates evolved into vertebrates, where is the evidence of this transformation? If fish gave rise to amphibians, where is the evidence of the development of the fins becoming feet and legs? If reptiles are the ancestors of birds why doesn’t the fossil record contain any evidence of the gradual changes of the forelimb into wings and from scales into feathers? (For a better understanding of why the classic “proofs” cited by evolutionists - such as when they point to the famous “reptile bird” archaeopteryx - are delusional and misleading, refer to the whole chapter, “Fossils Prove Evolution?” for a more detailed exposé)   This fossil gap problem is so prevalent throughout the entire geologic column that some evolutionists decided that there must be points in time where “macro evolution” took place. The idea of macro evolution represents another example of how the theory of evolution has had to “evolve” when the facts argue against it. In the classic theory of evolution, we are supposed to believe that we can’t witness the evolution of one species or “kind” evolving into another species because the changes occur too slowly. However, with macro evolution, we are supposed to believe that changes occur too rarely and too suddenly to observe. So, based on the idea of macro evolution, at some point in the distant past, a reptile must have laid an egg and a bird hatched out of it?

The evolutionist who denies the need for a creator or designer in order to explain life is like a person who spends a day walking through used car lots and finally concludes that the Cadillac must have evolved from the Volkswagen because they have so many similarities like tires, doors and windows. Such a conclusion would be no more ludicrous than proclaiming that one species gave rise to another just because they share common characteristics. The similarities among species is the result of a common designer who happens to like various forms of eyes, limbs, wings, teeth, feathers, scales etc…, not the result of a common ancestry. The creationist believes that God created a variety of “kinds” (Biblical term) of species with built-in defense and adaptation mechanisms to create biological changes within the “kind” to facilitate survival. These “kinds” however had built-in limitations that would not allow them to ever evolve into a different group. In other words, there could be thousands of variations within the dog “kind” and cat “kind” but neither could ever cross that border between the two (at least not naturally) and this fact is evidenced in the fossil record.

The fossil gap problem represents only one reason why fossils disprove evolution. The very process of fossilization requires ideal conditions involving rapid burial, pressure, water, and the presence of cementing chemicals to achieve fossilization. The catastrophic conditions and repercussions that would have resulted from a universal flood like that which are described in the Bible (Noah’s Flood) would have provided the only possible means to account for the mass burials and subsequent fossilization of the many species preserved in the geologic column. What else could account for the depositing and preservation of dinosaur bones, piled up in some areas as high as one hundred feet like “logs in a jam;” or, more than five million elephants preserved in the frozen waste lands of Alaska and Siberia with tropical food still in their mouths and stomachs? Did a slow moving ice age accomplish that? Fossilization and preservation on such a massive scale has never been observed anywhere in modern history! (For a better understanding about the feasibility of Noah’s Flood and Noah’s ark, refer to the chapter, “No Scientific Validity?”)

Many more proofs against the theory of evolution that lay within the strata formations of the geologic column involve the formation of coal, oil, petrified wood, over thrusts and many geological anomalies. The actual order and disorder of fossils often contradicts assumed ages and the classic assumed progressions of species development. “Index fossils” of extinct creatures have often been used to determine million year old ages of rock formations that contained the fossilized remains of these prehistoric creatures within them. However, every so often, these extinct prehistoric creatures are found to be alive and well in our modern world (in exactly the same anatomical forms) and thus invalidate any dating process in which they were used. There is also evidence that dinosaurs lived contemporaneously with man and this type of evidence is totally ignored because it would destroy the theory of evolution. Some of the evidence linking dinosaurs and man is expounded in the chapter, “Fossils Prove Evolution?” For a more in-depth understanding of how and why the formation of oil, petrified wood and coal contradicts the theory of evolution; and, to discover the identity of once extinct but now living index fossils and an explanation of why fossils usually appear in at least a general order of progression within the fossil record, please read this chapter, “Fossils Prove Evolution?” Also, as previously mentioned, it is important to understand the feasibility and dynamics of a universal flood (Noah’s Flood) and to discover reasons why the existence and function of Noah’s Ark is not as preposterous as most people believe (Click Here to discover).

The fossil record has been touted in classrooms and media as “proof” for the validity of the theory of evolution. Humanity continues to cheer as it looks upon the parade of “evidence” that is continuously on display before it. The whole scenario is reminiscent of the tale by Hans Christian Anderson, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Like the child in the story who finally cried out “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!” the voice of truth is beginning to awaken the deluded masses to the stark nakedness of the fossil record as being proof of evolution. Thankfully, many are finally beginning to realize that the fossil gaps in the geologic column (and other problems noted above) actually disprove the theory of evolution. (By Robert Linkey)

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