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Best Free Book About God "God is Cruel?" Synopsis (Pt1 Ch5)

How Can a Loving God Allow Evil, Suffering, Pain and Death?

Why would a God of Love allow suffering, pain, evil and death? This chapter, “God is Cruel?” explains how and why a “God of Love” would allow so much sorrow, pain, suffering and evil in the world. The Bible declares that “God IS Love” and yet the world is full of pain, suffering and evil. Because human suffering and pain are ever present, many have concluded that God doesn’t exist; or, that if God exists, He must be a cruel and unloving God; or, that if there really is a “God of Love” then He must not be powerful enough to deal with all the sorrow, pain, suffering, evil and death. The God of the Bible is portrayed as being omnipotent (all powerful) omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (everywhere at all times). The Bible likewise says that this all powerful, all knowing and ever present God is also an all loving God. So, if this Biblical portrayal of God is true, then why suffering, why evil, why pain, why sorrow and why death? The answers to these questions are found within the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible.
The book of Genesis (the very first book of the Bible) contains the creation story and it introduces the first parents of humanity – Adam and Eve. According to the creation account in the Bible, Adam and Eve were created to be perfect and they lived in a perfect world that was void of pain, sorrow, suffering, evil and death. Adam and Eve were not created as robots. They were given the beautiful gift of “free will.” They were created in the “image” of God and therefore they were blessed with creativity and the freedom to make their own choices. Their creative thought processes were vastly superior to the creative thought processes demonstrated in modern fallen man. (The fact that humans only use a small portion of the Human brain’s thinking capacity is vestigial evidence of man’s once superior status.)
 God wanted a relationship that was based upon love and trust and so He provided a test of that love and trust in the Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were allowed to eat from “The Tree of Life” (and every other “tree”) without restriction but they were forbidden to eat from “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” (There is much debate about the literal and symbolic meanings of the creation story but the obvious conclusion is that there was a real test of love and free will and that the potentially negative ramifications of failing that test would have been obvious to Adam and Eve.  In other words, Adam and Eve didn’t slip on a banana peel and fall into sin.)  Adam and Eve were tempted by the adversary of God, Lucifer, who caused them to question the veracity of God and the love of God. Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and to distrust God when they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This act of rebellion and distrust ushered evil into a perfect world and so the first act of evil that Adam and Eve became aware of was their own. This act infected their entire being and they suddenly realized their own “nakedness” and they tried to hide from God. Adam and Eve willfully chose to become their own “gods” and in doing so, they separated themselves from the true source of life and so death entered the world that they were put in charge of.
God could have immediately destroyed Adam and Eve, just as an artist has the right to destroy a painting that he is not pleased with. However, God’s love for Adam and Eve was so great that He had already devised a plan of salvation for Adam and Eve and a plan of salvation for the entire human race whom they would give birth to. God’s love and mercy could not be extended to Adam and Eve at the expense of His justice. God is Holy and God is perfect. He cannot compromise any of His divine attributes without ceasing to be Holy. Therefore, God’s plan to save mankind could not violate his divine attributes of Justice and Love.
Therefore, God Himself decided to pay the penalty for sin. And, in order to achieve this greatest act of love and sacrifice, God had to enter the human race as Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The incarnation of God and the concept of a “triune” God are baffling to many; however, the Christian doctrine of “The Trinity” is the key to understanding God’s plan of salvation. This chapter, “God is Cruel?” in the “Best Free Book about God” explains the doctrine of the Trinity and the role of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the “Son of God” in an interesting and understandable way.  God’s love will be seen in the midst of pain, suffering and evil when one understands the incarnation of God as Jesus Christ of Nazareth in God’s plan of salvation. (By Robert Linkey)

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