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Best Free Book About God "Life by Chance?" Synopsis (Pt2 Ch5)

Is the Origin of Life by Accident or Intelligent Design?

Origin of Life is by intelligent design and not by random chance. This chapter, “Life by Chance?” exposes the foolishness of thinking that somehow the evolution of life came from a Godless chaos. When the theory of evolution was first conceived, its proponents believed that living cells were simple structures and that the theory of spontaneous generation was a valid theory. Both ideas proved to be totally false with the advancement of science and we now know that even the “simplest” living cell is a highly complex structure that could not have evolved from random physical processes. The creation of life requires a creative intelligence and design that far exceeds any human comprehension.

A single human cell contains hundreds of proteins, enzymes, and hormones, each of which has a special function and complex system all of its own.  The cell membrane is capable of selecting and transporting essential products such as oxygen, vitamins, salt, sugar, etc...  There are tiny power plants called mitochondria which convert food into energy which is then utilized to maintain the many other components of the cell.  The cell manufactures its own proteins from complex factories called ribosomes. These ribosomes act upon information and exact specifications which are supplied by a messenger known as RNA.  The RNA receives its information from a substance called DNA which is in the nucleus of the cell.  The DNA acts like a complex computer with all the necessary capability and information to reproduce any and all parts of the remainder of the cell.  DNA has hundreds of thousands of information bits which it must remember and be able to utilize in order to maintain the proper cell function. If a single cell was ever formed by chance, it would obviously have to have been capable of reproducing itself or life would have ended with the first cell.  In order to reproduce itself, it would be necessary for DNA to be present in the nucleus of the cell.  A single strand of DNA is composed of a chain which consists of hundreds of individual links which must be in the proper sequence.  The smallest single link of this DNA chain is composed of about 200 molecules which also must be in an exact order.

According to Dr. Walt Brown in his excellent book titled: “In the Beginning – Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood:” If all of the DNA in one single human cell were uncoiled and stretched out, it would be about seven feet long and contain enough information to fill a library of 4000 books. If the entire amount of DNA in one human body were stretched out end to end, it would reach to the moon and back 500,000 times! And, if all that information were placed in book form, it would fill the Grand Canyon 100 times and yet all of the DNA in your body would fit into a single teaspoon! (For more info re: Walt Brown’s Book, Go to the Recommended Study Resources page and scroll down to the third book listed)

For a better understanding of the mathematical impossibilities for any creation of life to have occurred by chance, refer to the chapter, “Life by Chance?”  in "The Best Free Book about God." Also, to better understand why man’s attempts to create life actually reinforce the concept of intelligent design, refer to this same chapter. A Godless evolution of life requires far more faith to believe in than intelligent design when one considers the interrelated complexities involved. When all factors are considered, it will become apparent that the origin of life is by creative design and not by random chance. (By Robert Linkey)

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