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Do Humans and Apes Have a Common Ancestor?

Missing Link - Ape-Men fossils have proven to be evolution hoaxes. This chapter, “Missing Links?” reveals that in some cases, fraud was intentional; but, in most cases deceptions have been the result of prejudiced wishful thinking on the part of prominent evolutionists who based their findings on extremely limited and fragmentary skeletal evidence. According to the theory of evolution, men and apes evolved from a common ancestor that has never been discovered by anyone (and never will be) However, there have been several discoveries of skeletal remains throughout history that were heralded as missing links that provided evidence of ancestral man’s progressive development from being ape-like to his now fully erect modern form. Every child in this past generation has seen the artist renderings of the various stages of human development posted on their science classroom walls or displayed in their textbooks. Most are unaware that these portrayals of ancestral man are based upon presupposition and not upon any scientific evidence. The limited bone fragments and skeletal remains upon which some of those stooped over images were contrived were later proven to be outright evolution frauds or were subsequently determined to be the remains of extinct apes and not men at all. (For examples and references refer to the chapter, “Missing Links?”) Plus, the embellishment of body hair and flesh thicknesses was impossible to determine from the fragmentary skeletal evidence and the artist renderings have been biased, speculative and imaginary at best – certainly not scientific!

The famous Scopes Evolution Trial in 1925 provides a striking example of just how ludicrous some of the “missing link” discoveries of the past have been. The Scopes trial was purposely staged to bring national attention to the controversial theory of evolution. John Scopes was accused of violating the Butler Act which forbade teachers from teaching human evolution in publicly funded classrooms. The prosecution was lead by three-time presidential candidate, William Jennings Bryan while the famous defense lawyer Clarence Darrow, represented John Scopes. During a two year period preceding the trial, there was a scientific and public debate taking place over the discovery of a single tooth in Nebraska that was determined to be the tooth of a prehistoric human ancestor known as “Hesperopithicus” or “Nebraska Man.” This discovery was useful in promoting public acceptance of the theory of evolution and included conceptual drawings of an ape-like human and his entire family. This single tooth discovery was one of several factors that were instrumental in bringing about the Scopes trial and William Jennings Bryan expected the discoverer of the tooth to be called as a witness for the defense since so many people considered it to be evidence of man’s evolution. The discovery of the infamous “Nebraska Man” tooth influenced the events of the trial but it was never actually entered as official evidence in the trial. About two years after the trial, Nebraska Man’s tooth was determined to be the tooth of an extinct pig! History is laden with such erroneous “proofs” of evolution which, in some cases, have been nothing but frauds and hoaxes. 

For example: In 1912, a jawbone and part of a skull were discovered in Piltdown, England.  However the famous “Piltdown Man” (also known as “Dawn Man”) lost his credibility when it was learned forty years later that Dawn Man was the product of a brilliant hoax.  The skeletal fragments had been deliberately tampered with in order to give the appearance of great age.  Apparently, human teeth of the relatively young jawbone had been replaced by ape’s teeth. Isn’t it incredible to think that such a deception went undetected by leading evolutionary authorities for almost forty years?  In 1926, the discovery of a human “skull cap” was proclaimed to belong to a missing link known as “Pithecanthropus Erectus.” However, after all the publicity died down, this skull cap was later determined to be the knee cap of an elephant! Two separate discoveries in Colorado also caused a great amount of embarrassment within the evolutionist community.  One of these discoveries involved the reconstruction of a man from another single tooth that turned out to be a horse tooth. The other blunder was made when a small “ape-man” skull was discovered and put on display in a museum.  This “museum piece” turned out to be the skull of a pet monkey that had been buried just ‘a few years previously. (Other examples and references are found in chapter 4, "Missing Links?”

In spite of the many mistakes of the past, most people are under the impression that today’s evolutionary discoveries are much more credible because of modern scientific and technological advancements. Many people have heard about such ancestors as: Neanderthal man, Cro-Magnon man and Australopithecus. However, the unfortunate reality is that most modern discoveries and evaluations are still influenced by biased judgments.  The evolutionist is convinced that man evolved; therefore, any variations in skeletal structures from present day “species” are often hastily considered to represent stages of man’s evolution.  The evidence from which evolutionists make these hasty determinations is usually fragmentary and incomplete. Some of the most important discoveries consist of nothing more than partial skull caps or jaw fragments.  Because of this, the premature identification of “ancestral human fossils” has often resulted in a later re-classification due to discoveries of additional fossil evidence of the same type.  For example, several different “species” that were once considered to be primitive forms of man have been re-classified as “homo sapiens” (modern man) due to the increase of human fossil evidence from around the world. Conversely, some of the very earliest forms of “ancestral man” are now considered by many evolutionists to be nothing more than ancient apes.

The creationist realizes that limited physical variations exist within “mankind” and within “ape-kind” but he is convinced that there never was a time when the two different groups ever intersected.  The creationist believes that man and ape have always been two distinct “kinds” (a Biblical term) and have experienced limited genetic variations that have never crossed the divine boundaries that separate one kind from another. In our modern world there are various differences among species of the ape categories, just as there are certain physiological differences between the various races of men.  However, any physiological differences that exist among the races of modern man do not mean that any particular group is “more human” than another.  These physical differences that exist between men of different races and geographical locations merely demonstrate the concept of limited variation within a particular “kind.” Even though there are certain physical similarities between the skeletal structures of modern man and modern ape; it is, nevertheless, quite evident that man and ape are still two very distinct and separate “kinds.”  Few people realize that the whole concept of ancient men having ape-like characteristics is based almost entirely upon erroneous and/or premature evaluations of fragmentary evidence.  Too many times this has proven to be the case throughout the history of the theory of evolution.  Whenever sufficient fossil evidence does exist, the creationist believes that all “missing links” can be classified as either 100 percent man or 100 percent ape.  This is not a presumptuous belief because there have been recent developments in the evolutionist community that lend credence to this idea.

This chapter, “Missing Links?” provides insights (and references) into other discoveries that were later proven to be incorrectly categorized. It also provides insights into erroneous concepts concerning Neanderthal man, Cro-Magnon man and Australopithecus. The problems that the theory of evolution encounters with language, race and religion are likewise evaluated.

Indeed, “missing link” – “ape men” fossils have sometimes proven to be evolution hoaxes and evolution frauds. But the other problems that plague the idea of humans evolving from a common ancestor of the ape represent much greater obstacles to evolution than the outright frauds. Similarities between humans and apes reflect a common designer, not a common ancestry. Imagine how silly it would be for a person to spend a day in a used car lot and then conclude that Chevrolets and Cadillacs must have evolved from a common ancestor because they have so many similarities when obviously they are just different vehicles with certain similarities because they had General Motors as a common designer. (Refer to Part II, Chapter 4, "Life by Chance? ) (By Robert Linkey)

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