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Best Free Book About God "Dead and Gone?" Synopsis (Pt1 Ch3)

Is the Resurrection of Jesus a Fact or a Fraud?

Jesus’ resurrection is a proven fact of history. This chapter, “Dead and Gone?” explores the many resurrection proofs that have compelled many skeptics of the resurrection to ultimately believe in Jesus and admit that He was raised from the dead. Christianity is totally dependent upon the resurrection of Christ because if the resurrection of Jesus isn’t true, then Christians have no hope. The centrality of the resurrection to the Christian faith has been recognized by several brilliant atheists and agnostics who sought to disprove Christianity by disproving the resurrection. Men like the famous Harvard law professor, Simon Greenleaf, who wrote “The Laws of Legal Evidence” set out to disprove the resurrection of Jesus but ultimately proclaimed that the resurrection of Jesus is one of the most well established facts of ancient history. These converted skeptics were honest in their evaluation of the evidence they encountered.  However, most skeptics never take the time to honestly consider the wealth of evidence that supports the resurrection of Jesus. Instead, they contrive mindless theories to explain away the resurrection of Christ as a resurrection hoax or a resurrection fraud. These resurrection hoax and resurrection fraud theories collapse under the weight of historical evidence and common logic in support of Jesus’ resurrection. The empty tomb of Jesus is a fact that even the enemies of Jesus couldn’t deny. Therefore every attempt to disprove the resurrection has had to account for the empty tomb. The Christian faith would have died with Jesus if the body of Christ had been produced and put on display in Jerusalem. The empty tomb of Jesus represents only one little piece of the overwhelming historical evidence that screams out the fact that Jesus is alive! So convinced were the disciples of Jesus that He conquered death and was raised from the dead, all but one of them died a martyr’s death. (The disciple who wasn’t martyred, John, was tortured and exiled because he wouldn’t renounce his belief that Jesus was raised from the dead). Some would correctly say that there are many martyrs who die for false causes. However, what they fail to acknowledge is that martyrs believe that their cause is true. The disciples of Jesus were so convinced of the resurrection of Jesus that they were willing to suffer and finally die for their convictions. Why were they convinced? Because they were eyewitnesses to Jesus’ resurrection (and so were 500 others). The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is systematically presented in this chapter, “Dead and Gone?” in “The Best Free Book About God.”  A careful evaluation of these resurrection proofs will lead to the conclusion that the resurrection of Jesus is a proven fact of history. (By Robert Linkey)

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